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Main ScreenDownload the app and have the ability to submit an event for other app users to join, or search for events other users have already added. When you find an event you want to join simply enter the event and take advantage of the apps full potential.
Submit An EventEnter in as much information for others to see. All info is validated by the app administrator to help ensure accuracy.
Submit ShowWhen you perform a search for events you will see multiple choices – simply join the event.
PerformanceSet performance info for your subscribed event and keep track of when each performance starts.
Entries OpenTrack entries open, entries closed, call backs open and call backs closed, all with the simple use of the scroll wheel.
Enter EventSee the event information supplied by other users and join. You can also set reminders that will notify you ahead of the event, added to your iPhone calendar and delivered through push notifications.
Card and NameTrack your friends, card numbers and events in an easy-to-use screen.
Name and CommentTrack how your friends did at the event and save it in the app for future viewing.
MoneyTrack your winnings and expenses inside the app, everything from added money and gas costs.
MoneyTrack your winnings and expenses inside the app, everything from total expenses and mileage calculations.
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You don’t have to be a Rodeo Cowboy or Cowgirl to be a member of the Love Life Rodeo Team.   All you have to do is LOVE LIFE!  The team consists of anyone that adheres to the way of life that is inspired by Cowboys and Cowgirls that Love Life!   The Love Life Rodeo Team promotes and encourages positive attitude, family, friendship, compassion, values, honor, respect, patriotism and everything that is Life!

The Love Life Rodeo Entry Record application allows users to keep track of their entire entry process for each event on your IPhone. The user will be able to submit events to the Administrator for approval and then follow the entire entry process. This application is great for contestants and event organizers as an event can be entered and submitted to the Administrator for approval.  Once it has been approved everybody that has the app can see the event. This is all part of the free portion of the app.

When the full version of the app is purchased the user will be able to keep a record of the entry process. The app will remind the user a day in advance of the date when entries open. The records include, entry preferences, contestant names entered, contestant card #’s, entry date, and entry confirmation code. Once the entry has been made the user will be able to keep records of entry result, call back date, and call back confirmation codes. There is also a section where the user can make notes for each contestant after the event such as stock draw, stock information, miles traveled, entry fee, winnings, mount money or anything desired.

This is a great tool that you will have at your fingertips as long as you have your iPhone.


- Find events that you and others have submitted

- Submit events that others can join


- Keep track of all of your events

- Create push-note calendar reminders of upcoming events

- Track your event preferences

- Track how your friends and other contestants do in events as well as card numbers

- Record confirmation and call back codes for each event

- Track entry fees, winnings, mount money, expenses, gas mileage and costs and more!

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